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A mainland license allows you to trade anywhere in the UAE and around the world

Mainland company refers to an onshore company which conducts business activities in Dubai or any other regions of the Emirates and outside UAE. For mainland company formation in Dubai or any other Emirates, you need a local sponsor(UAE national as sponsor). The general shareholding pattern in the mainland company is 51 percentage for the local sponsor and 49 percentage for the foreign investor or shareholder.

The mainland company in Dubai offers a flexible arrangement for the profit-sharing between the local sponsor and the foreign shareholder.That is, the UAE national sponsor can be given a fixed annual fee, percentage of sales or percentage of profits. The fixed annual fee paid enables the foreign investor to hold 100% control of his business and retain the local sponsor as a sleeping partner, who won't have involvement in business activities or profit-sharing.


While the Freezone company are restricted to operate their business within their respective zones, mainland company gets the flexibility to carry out their business in any part of the UAE or beyond.


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UAE - Mainland


UAE - Mainland

Demanding Locations

Ajman Main Land

Ajman is one of the emerging Emirates that has become the centre of attention for several foreign investors.Having coastal area around, Ajman generates GDP from fisheries, trade and agriculture in addition to massive industrial development recently.

Sharjah Main Land

The local government of Sharjah offers various incentives to startups and existing businesses planning an expansion.Sharjah Mainland is at a valued location which connects major trading zones and is one of the safest cities with excessive economic supply.

Dubai Main Land

Dubai is the preferred destination for many investors for company formation.It has the freedom to do business anywhere Dubai and UAE. The relevant commercial or professional license has to be obtained in order to set up a business in the Mainland.
AbuDhabi Mainland

Abu Dhabi Main Land

Abu Dhabi is one of the safest, fastest growing and affluent markets in the world. If you are in possession of a viable business plan and wish to start your business in the Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the city for you to establish your business. The rules and procedures are transparent and only takes few days for completion if all the requirements are met and procedures accomplished.