Investment Sectors

Cosmo investments in diversified sectors and markets across the globe –
Real estate, industrial, finance, healthcare and education among others.

Real Estate

Cosmo operates in the real estate sector through a strategic approach, creating sustainable business cities and developing projects.
We provide end to end property management services for all kinds of properties. This starts with marketing and leasing, to tenant and lease management, inspections and audits, shortlisting and finalising the service provider on behalf of the landlord, overseeing the facility management service provider and even accounting and reporting. Our dedicated team is in place to provide these services to support you as a landlord by reducing the time and stress involved with managing your property, reducing vacant periods and maximising your revenue.

With our services we help to bring you peace of mind that your property is being well taken care of, that you are receiving a cost-effective and efficient management service and enhanced service delivery.

Direct Investments

Comprehensive wealth solutions to help support your goals. Be it protecting your family’s financial future, saving for your children’s education or for your retirement.
Our Wealth Planning offering is a holistic strategy that circumscribes the essential functions of asset planning, tax planning, estate equity and wills, transfers and succession planning. We believe that your assets, wealth and financial needs are unique.
With a competent panel of wealth, investments and legal experts on board, we delve into a thorough assessment of your assets, equities and finances, establish your future objectives and offer you a personalized plan to make the best financial decisions.
The dynamics of wealth and investments are driven and steered by regulatory tools and market landscape. With a firm grasp on the trending patterns, we craft an intricate, elaborate and realistic financial picture, and help you envision the potential rewards and returns that the future holds for you.
  • No direct taxation of corporations (apart from oil, banking and insurance sectors) or of individuals.
  • No foreign exchange control or constraints related to repatriation of funds.
  • Good-quality business climate.
  • Long-term political stability.
  • Dynamic and diversified economy.
  • Very rich hydrocarbons resources.
  • Solid and profitable banking sector with a powerful sovereign fund and favourable regulations for foreign investments.
  • Geographical location of the country, making it a potential platform of influence on the Gulf, Iran, Asia and the Middle-East.
  • Low-cost foreign labour force. 

Education Sector

As part of its strategy to create a diverse portfolio of investments which help to shape the society.
Despite its strong and stable regulation coupled with the high barriers of entry into the education sector, the UAE government has also been lauded for its efforts towards creating an enabling environment for investors in the education sector.
The government through the land department has ensured that all real estate projects have a provision for education infrastructure. However, due to the ever-growing demand for quality education in the country, the stakeholders are still pushing for more resources to be allocated.

Health Care

Cosmo has diversified its portfolio by making a number of strategic investments into the healthcare sector.
We are supporting the development of a world-class, commercially sustainable private healthcare sector in the UAE.
Through partnerships with international medical institutions, our network of specialized facilities is enhancing regional healthcare capacity, addressing the UAE’s most pressing healthcare needs, and reducing the need for patients to travel overseas for complex care.

Information Technology

Cosmo has embraced cutting-edge technology and innovative concepts as part of its commitment to sustainable progress business models.
The UAE continues to grow rapidly in the technology space. Private and public sector players are seeking to modernize by adopting state-of-the-art solutions and catch the broader global wave of innovation, data utilization, digital transformation, and technological advancement.
The UAE’s desire diversify and build a knowledge economy is creating new opportunities, and the government has set aside large parts of the budget in order to achieve the ambitious Vision 2021, Abu Dhabi Vision 2031, and UAE AI vision 2031 plans.

Financial Investments

Cosmo diversified its operations in the Financial Investments sector, with strategic investments and partnerships.

  • Mutual Funds and Bonds
  • The Stock Market

Forex Account Opening

We help you to start your own Forex Brokers.
Features & Benefits
  • Quick and easy account opening process.
  • Foreign currency account available in most major currencies (EUR, CAD, USD, GBR, AUD, CHF,SEK).
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